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Xforcekeygen ##HOT##VREDDesign201032bittamindir

one important thing to remember is that a refresh rate of 85hz is the minimum acceptable for smooth performance in vr applications. there is no optimization for different refresh rates. to optimize your experience, you can lower the refresh rate in the vr-ed interface by pressing the 'advanced' button near the lower-left corner.


the original foobar2000 and the commercial version from freesound both work fine with this version. there are several things that aren't supported by this version, and it is unlikely that these will ever be supported - and if they do i will definitely not have the time to work on improving things, so i suggest using version 1.0.2 for non-commercial usage. however, versions 1.4-1.7 may work with the current version of libxforcekey.

opens libxforcekey.dll (xforcekeygenvreddesign201032bittamindir.dll) by default in memory, although you can use the -m switch to use a file (using a path). this version of libxforcekey has a buffer overflow error, so the -m switch is strongly recommended. if you use the -m switch, make sure that it points to a file. not to a dos window.

thanks to the original devs for the libxforcekey file (, a very useful free library for all windows game developer. this version is a homebrew and not an open source one.

warning - despite this, when you add an eps file to xfoobar, it has a nasty habit of overwriting your buffer.. i have no idea why. it is also possible to overwrite the digital output buffer if you use the -inout switch.


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