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YouTube Pink APK: Enjoy YouTube without Ads and More Features

You might have never heard about Pink YouTube before whilst you know what a YouTube app is. Pink YouTube APK is an advanced version of YouTube which is available in a pink colored theme. As you have seen, YouTube is always available in the red color so it is quite new for the users to enjoy.

youtube pink apk


Pink YouTube APK is a version of YouTube official that is used to play online videos. There is a large collection of the YouTube videos and channels that you can watch after downloading Pink YouTube APK. This version provides the users with a pink colored theme and an opportunity to play the videos in the background.

The pink colored theme in this app is a very interesting thing that has put users into curiosity. The users are now able to use their YouTube app in a pink color that looks highly attractive. You will love this color a lot and enjoy using YouTube this beautiful color. Girls would definitely love this version of YouTube even more.

You can also cast your pink YouTube app with the Smart TV to watch the same YouTube videos on the bigger screen. It is obviously not comfortable to watch an entire movie on a mobile phone screen which is why the television can provide you with an opportunity to watch the same videos in larger mode. Therefore Pink YouTube is considered to be a valid and useful application for online video streaming.

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Introducing the YouTube Pink APK: Suffering from so many ads while watching anything on YouTube? So if yes then this post is only for you. Because in this post I have shared the YouTube Pink APK, And this Pink YouTube APK is a modified version of original YouTube application. Basically this post and this YouTube pink App very helpful for those who are also frustrating by using the original YouTube application where they have to use the application with fewer features. In the other hand YouTube Pink APK offers so many useful features for YouTube lovers like background play, ads free, autoplay, dark mode, double tap close, and also many things. So if you are YouTube lover then download YouTube Pink APK.

The theme which offered by the YouTube Pink is really amazing and easy to use interface. The application provide completely Pink theme no matter if its notification area, search bar area, recommendations, and other area. Basically the Pink YouTube is all about Pink like every simple module of this application will be in pink color.

One of the best feature of this YouTube Pink is double tap close, if you are not know what is double tap close. Then basically this feature contains just double tap on screen and YouTube pink will be sleep at once. So while using this application if you want to close the application easily then you can tap anywhere of YouTube Pink screen, and it will be close.

Dark mode is very helpful nowadays because this feature is added in many social media platform and also in many apps. Basically dark mode is after enable it the application background will be complete black. This feature is also helping for saving your mobile battery. So whenever you think that you have to save the battery and turn off the pink theme then you can on the dark mode easily.

The theme of the application is quite catchy. The entire theme will be In the color pink. No matter the notification area, search bar area, recommendations, or watch later in short every module of the application will be in pink color.

Many social media applications are switching to dark mode for the ease of the users. So same is the case with this application. You can switch to the dark theme of the application from the pink one whenever you want to.

As we have mentioned many times that Pink Youtube is a modified version of Youtube Premium. Thus officials can close it at any time. Thus here is a pro tip for you in this scenario. We have multiple versions of youtube premium like Youtube Black, Youtube Blue, and Youtube premium. Thus if this one is not working. You can switch to any other mod. There will be only one difference in theme. The rest of the features will be the same.

Pink Youtube is the mod version of Youtube premium thus youtube stopped working on this app at any time. Thus if you found any error on the mod version let us know in the comment section. We will update the mod version shortly.

Along with these features, there are many other features of the application that you can enjoy like the control of the brightness by sliding over the screen, etc. In short, you just give the application a try at least once. If you guys love this pink version of youtube please make share to share it on social media so that your friends get this premium version of youtube as well. Thanks.

The application YouTube pink apk provides users with the ability to make use of the app services and what as much YouTube videos as they want without facing any type of hindrance. This application allows users to entertain themselves and watch different entertainment videos and music videos directly from the app and enjoy themselves to the fullest.

The application provides users with the ability to share the channels with their friends and family and also let them know about the popular music with their friends. The YouTube pink apk application to the users with the ability to Easily make use of services of the app and create a playlist as they want and can even subscribe to their favorite channels.

The user of the application YouTube pink apk will have to login in to the application in order to subscribe to different channels on the YouTube app. YouTube pink apk app also allows users to upload Ashmit videos on the application as they want and even express themselves by commenting on them and sharing it with their friends and family.

the YouTube pink apk application provide users with the ability to synchronize their different devices together so that they can always make use of the app services and can always start from where they have left off.

the application YouTube pink apk has a very intuitive and friendly user interface and user of this application can easily navigate to application without requiring any kind of tutorial or user guide for that purpose.

The YouTube pink apk application provide users with the ability to make use of the casting feature. The application provides users with the ability to cast a video to another display and they can still use their device without any interruption.

the YouTube pink apk application provides users with the ability to make use of the theme feature which are switchable. The application provides users with 3 different themes a dark theme, a white theme and a black theme.

all of the services provided by the application YouTube pink apk are free of cost and the user will not have to put a strain on their wallet in order to make with of this amazing applications services.

the application YouTube pink apk provides users with a picture in picture mode. This helps the user in in making use of two different things at once. This allows the user to shrink the videos down and do anything else while watching the video.

the application YouTube pink apk also provide users with the ability to make use of the services on other Android devices. It is compatible with different smartphone brands so the user can easily make use of it.

the YouTube pink apk application provides users with the ability to make use of the application services to watch the YouTube videos freely. The application provides users with the ability to watch advertisement free YouTube videos. No type of promotional content will hinder their watching process.

YouTube pink apk application to visit with ability to make use of the playback function to play the videos in the background and listen to the music or videos while doing any other task on the devices.

the application YouTube pink apk does not take much space on the user's device which makes it easy for anyone to download and install it in their phones without having to worry about the storage space of their android device.

YouTube pink apk application make sure that all of the information of its users is kept safe and confidential. The personal and private information of the users not shared over the internet and no third party can have access to it.

the YouTube pink apk application provides users with the ability to update itself on a regular basis which makes it even more desirable for others. This helps users in making use of the application services without facing any issues of sorts.

The application YouTube pink apk provides users with the ability to watch their YouTube videos easily by making use of the app services. The app provides users with the ability to make use of advanced features as well and that too without doing anything in return.

Introducing the YouTube Pink for Android with a pink color theme that provides an ad free experience on YouTube and also comes with minimize, Picture in Picture, few more features.

The theme of the app is entirely catchy. The whole theme will be in the color pink. No issue with the notification area, proposal, search bar area, watch later, in short, each module of the app will be in pink color.

Also, keeps in mind that you are not restricted to watching videos in just a pink color theme but also you can switch to your most favorable theme for having more fun. We also have OG Instagram on our website.

Users can switch to a dark theme from pink color whenever they want. It is only for the ease of the users because many people love to use dark themes at night for eye comfort. If you are also looking for an app with such settings then go with YouTube Pink Pro Apk. In this, you just have to go to theme settings activate the dark theme color, and come back to the screen to enjoy videos with your desired color. As this is an advanced application that provides relief to your eyes and helps you to watch your favorite videos without any trouble same like tivimate premium apk.

This is the most interesting feature of YouTube Pink Apk you can download your favorite videos from YouTube. Once the downloading has been completed you can watch those videos later offline without any internet connection. The best feature is that you can download any of the videos for free. We also suggest you to download youtube blue apk.


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