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Transdermal Magnesium Therapy Mark Sircus Pdf

Though oral magnesium supplementation and intravenous administration have been the prevalent forms used in the 20th century, this book introduces the transdermal approach, which opens the door for magnesium to be used as a universal medicine. One cannot take a high enough dosage orally, and injections are costly and sometimes uncomfortable though absolutely the best method in emergency situations. My favorite way is to combine oral and transdermal administration approaches to bring magnesium cell levels back to their full levels as quickly as possible.

transdermal magnesium therapy mark sircus pdf


With magnesium we can alleviate a score of common problems like muscle pain, insomnia, migraines, menstrual pain, and depression. We can activate vital enzyme processes and ATP production to increase energy levels because magnesium is as much of a food to the body as wheat, rice, or any meat. One can prevent cancer, treat and cure diabetes, and help children recover from autism when magnesium chloride is appropriately used both transdermally and orally.

Magnesium chloride is a potent mineral medicine and it is safe and incredibly fast acting. This book calls on all doctors, dentists, naturopaths, chiropractors, nurses, acupuncturists, and other professional healthcare practitioners to open up to the discovery of how magnesium chloride can most effectively be applied. I frequently quote Dr. Carolyn Dean who wrote The Miracle of Magnesium. Her title was well chosen. Magnesium, especially when applied transdermally, is the medical miracle we have been waiting for. It is the first medicine that should be stocked in medical cabinets and is the safest, most effective medicine we can recommend and use with patients.

The form of magnesium that the human metabolic system recognizes and assimilates most readily is magnesium chloride, the same form contained in seawater, but very few nutritional supplements on the market today include this type of magnesium. And the simple secret to the proper administration and optimum assimilation of magnesium is to apply it transdermally, i.e., via the skin, instead of just orally.

In the integrated detoxification and regeneration healing program that my wife Snow and I offer each year at health resorts in Asia, transdermal magnesium therapy plays a key role in the form of a soothing hot bath which we refer to as a magnum bath. We call our program Renew Your Lease on Life, and the efficacy of transdermal magnesium chloride therapy for tissue detoxification and cellular regeneration has been proven time and again in this program.

This effect is not seen in oral or intravenous magnesium administration and Dr. Shealy has a patent pending in this area. It is thought that transdermal application interacts in some way with the fatty tissues of the skin to create the affect. Studies link low levels of DHEA to chronic inflammation, immune dysfunction, depression, rheumatoid arthritis, type 2 diabetes complications, and greater risk for certain cancers, heart disease, and osteoporosis.

The topical skin protectant lotion (IB1) containing magnesium was tested in a human study. Preclinical studies in several animal models have proven the protective efficacy of IB1. In a randomized, placebo-controlled phase I clinical study it was examined whether a magnesium-rich lotion, after repeated topical application, leads to changes in serum magnesium concentrations in 34 healthy volunteers. The 34 subjects administered 10 mL of magnesium-rich lotion or placebo lotion three times daily over a period of three days. The study tested the safety of repeated applications, including ruling out the transdermal permeation of magnesium, which may lead to a dangerous blood magnesium level, since the lotion contains magnesium sulphate. Other objectives included the detection of dermatological adverse effects, the assessment of application convenience, and the effect on daily activities. Importantly, no serious adverse effects were recorded and the lotion did not interfere with daily tasks. There were no significant differences in magnesium levels between the placebo and the study groups in any of the applications. No toxic levels of magnesium were found in either group [20].

Also in a study on isolated human cadaver skin, no significant difference could be found for the skin penetration of magnesium from solutions containing magnesium chloride (MgCl2). The purpose of this study was to compare the passive permeation of magnesium across human skin from pharmaceutical grade MgCl2 formulated in cream to that of pharmaceutical grade MgCl2 in solution. The transdermal permeation efficiency of magnesium from MgCl2 cream I and MgCl2 cream II was studied across skin compared to the positive control MgCl2 solution and the negative control phosphate buffer solution. The cream or MgCl2 solution equivalent to 2.76 mg of magnesium was applied per 2.52 cm2 of skin and mounted on diffusion cell. Samples were collected after 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 24 h and analyzed using atomic absorption spectroscopy at 285 nm. The experiments were performed in triplicates. The results were analyzed using unpaired t-test. The cumulative magnesium permeation from magnesium cream I, magnesium cream II, MgCl2 solution, and phosphate buffer across human skin after 24 h were found to be 29.79 13.92, 24.53 9.98, 6.18 1.36, and 5.62 1.83 μg respectively. This study showed that a magnesium cream leads to statistically significant (p

A recent pilot study set out to determine whether magnesium in a cream could be absorbed transdermally in humans to improve magnesium status (6). Current formulations include magnesium oils and transdermal creams, from which the magnesium may be absorbed across the skin and into the systemic circulation. This cream was manufactured, in the course of research and development, for the Center for Magnesium Education & Research, by Urist Cosmetics of Vancouver, B.C. Canada. For full ingredients, see S1 text ingredients list of company.

These are super-concentrated forms of magnesium chloride, a form of magnesium known for its superior solubility. Magnesium is absorbed through the skin, giving transdermal magnesium therapy many of the same benefits as some of the transdermal patches available today.

A clear benefit of transdermal magnesium is its potential to accelerate the process of magnesium replacement therapy. It has been shown that restoration of magnesium levels can take anywhere from six weeks to an entire year. 5 6

Dr. Norman Shealy, M.D. Ph.D. and founder of the American Holistic Medical Association, was an early advocate for the advantages of magnesium and the particular benefits of transdermal applications of magnesium:

Researchers suggested both changes in the way that serum magnesium tests are evaluated, as well as a more proactive stance by the medical community on providing magnesium therapy for patients whose symptoms or diagnoses stood to benefit. These included:

There are almost no precautions to observe with regard to transdermal magnesium therapy. For most people without kidney disorders, the skin automatically regulates safe intake, so dosage issues are simply a matter of personal choice.

Considering the significant number of magnesium-related symptoms and conditions, you may want to seek information on your personal level of magnesium deficit, as this can provide clues as to the amount of magnesium replacement therapy may be required for you.

His book, Transdermal Magnesium Therapy, explores groundbreaking information in the use of magnesium chloride transdermally. For more information on magnesium therapy and to learn more about Dr. Sircus, visit

This second edition of Transdermal Magnesium Therapy offers a full medical review of how magnesium affects cancer, the heart, diabetes, the emotions, inflammation, surgery, autism, transdermal medicine, and so much more.

I have cases that supported the above studies through Transdermal Magnesium Therapy. It is really amazing and mind boggling if you do not see the result, more so if you see it working. Michael James, it is so true. Transdermal Magnesium Therapy works. Swolen arthrits through transdermal therapy can relieve the pain and swelling gone in less than 30 min depending on the severity of the condition. So it is absorbed through the skin where I spray it. Majority of the afflictions I have proven cases. How do you do your spraying and what is your health condition? 350c69d7ab


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