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Mmoexp FUT 24:Mastering skill moves is essential

Skill moves are the lifeblood of any successful FC 24 player's arsenal. Whether you're maneuvering past defenders, creating space for a shot, or setting up a teammate with a sublime pass, FC 24 Coins mastering these moves is essential for dominance on the virtual pitch. In this guide, we'll delve into the top five skill moves in FC 24, dissecting their execution and showcasing their effectiveness in gameplay.

The Ball Roll:

The ball roll is a fundamental skill move that every FC 24 player should have in their repertoire. Executed by a simple flick of the right stick to either side of the player, the ball roll is versatile and effective in various situations. It can be used to evade onrushing defenders, open up passing lanes, or create space for a shot on goal. With examples featuring iconic players like Kafu and Ronaldinho, its significance in gameplay becomes evident.

Ball Roll-Scoop Turn Combo:

For those seeking a more advanced skill move, the ball roll-scoop turn combo is a game-changer. By combining the ball roll with a fake shot, players can swiftly change direction and leave defenders trailing in their wake. This move is particularly effective with five-star skillers like Ronaldinho and Mbappe, allowing for seamless transitions and lethal attacks on goal.

Reverse Elastico:

Reserved for the most skillful players, the reverse elastico is a move that dazzles opponents and creates scoring opportunities. Exclusive to five-star skillers, this skill involves flicking the right stick three-quarters of the way and then executing a sprint boost or dribble. With its quick turn and acceleration, the reverse elastico is perfect for leaving defenders in the dust and beating goalkeepers with ease.

Flare Nutmeg Pass:

The flare nutmeg pass adds flair and precision to your gameplay, allowing you to execute a pass mid-skill move. By pressing L1, R1, and the right stick to the left or right, players can seamlessly transition from a skill move to a pinpoint pass. This move is particularly effective in tight spaces or when looking to surprise opponents with unexpected passes, as demonstrated by Bruno Fernandes and Ronaldinho.


A classic skill move that remains as effective as ever, stepovers are a staple in any FC 24 player's toolkit. By flicking the right stick in a half-circle motion, players can deceive defenders and create space for themselves or teammates. With examples showcasing players like Hansson and Bruno Fernandes, the versatility and effectiveness of stepovers are evident in various gameplay scenarios.

Mastering skill moves is essential for success in FC 24, and the five moves highlighted in this guide are sure to elevate your gameplay to new heights. Whether you're a novice looking to improve or a seasoned EA FC 24 Coins for sale veteran seeking to refine your skills, incorporating these moves into your gameplay will undoubtedly yield positive results. So, next time you step onto the virtual pitch, remember to unleash the flair and creativity of these skill moves to dominate your opponents and secure victory.


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