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Download Martin Schulman's Karmic Astrology Books in PDF for Free

Karmic Astrology Martin Schulman Pdf Download

Are you interested in learning more about your soul's journey and purpose in this life? Do you want to discover the hidden meanings behind your birth chart and how it relates to your past lives and karma? If so, you might want to check out the books by Martin Schulman, one of the pioneers of karmic astrology. In this article, we will tell you what karmic astrology is, who Martin Schulman is, what are the benefits of reading his books, how to download them in PDF format, and how to use them for personal growth. Let's get started!

Karmic Astrology Martin Schulman Pdf Download

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What is Karmic Astrology?

Karmic astrology is a branch of astrology that focuses on the influence of karma on our lives. Karma is the law of cause and effect that governs our actions and reactions, both in this life and in previous ones. According to karmic astrology, our birth chart is a map of our soul's evolution and lessons, reflecting our strengths, weaknesses, talents, challenges, and destiny. By studying our birth chart from a karmic perspective, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our purpose in this world.

Karmic astrology has its roots in ancient wisdom traditions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Theosophy. It was popularized in the 20th century by astrologers such as Edgar Cayce, Dane Rudhyar, Isabel Hickey, and Martin Schulman. These astrologers introduced new concepts and techniques to interpret the birth chart from a spiritual point of view, such as the nodes of the moon, retrograde planets, aspects, houses, signs, and elements.

Who is Martin Schulman?

Martin Schulman is an American astrologer who was born in 1947. He is considered one of the founders of karmic astrology, along with Edgar Cayce and Dane Rudhyar. He has written several books on the subject, such as Karmic Astrology: The Moon's Nodes and Reincarnation (1975), Karmic Astrology: Retrogrades and Reincarnation (1977), Karmic Astrology: Joy and the Part of Fortune (1978), Karmic Astrology: The Karma of the Now (1979), Karmic Relationships (1984), Ascendant: Your Karmic Doorway (1988), The Node Book (1997), and Karmic Astrology Vol. IV: The Karma of the Now (2011).

Martin Schulman's books are based on his extensive research and experience as an astrologer. He has a unique style of writing that combines clarity, humor, wisdom, and compassion. He explains complex concepts in simple terms and provides practical examples and exercises to help readers apply karmic astrology to their own lives. He also shares his personal stories and insights from his own spiritual journey.

What are the benefits of reading his books?

Reading Martin Schulman's books can offer you many benefits, such as:

  • Learning more about your soul's history and destiny

  • Understanding your karmic patterns and lessons

  • Discovering your hidden talents and potentials

  • Overcoming your fears and limitations

  • Healing your past wounds and traumas

  • Improving your relationships with others

  • Aligning your will with your higher self

  • Creating a more fulfilling and meaningful life

Martin Schulman's books can help you to see your birth chart as a tool for self-discovery and self-transformation. They can inspire you to embrace your challenges as opportunities for growth and to follow your true path in this life.

How to download his books in PDF format?

If you want to download Martin Schulman's books in PDF format, you have several options. You can:

  • Buy them from online platforms such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Kobo

  • Borrow them from online libraries such as Open Library or Internet Archive

  • Find them on free download sites such as PDF Drive or Z-Library

However, before you download any book from the internet, make sure that you are not violating any copyright laws or ethical principles. You should respect the author's rights and support his work by purchasing his books if you can afford them.

To download Martin Schulman's books in PDF format, you need to follow these steps:

  • Choose the book that you want to download from the list above

  • Search for the book on the platform or site of your choice

  • Click on the download button or link

  • Select the PDF format and the destination folder on your device

  • Wait for the download to finish and enjoy reading!

How to use his books for personal growth?

To use Martin Schulman's books for personal growth, you need to do more than just reading them. You need to:

  • Have your birth chart ready. You can get it for free from sites such as or Cafe Astrology

  • Study your birth chart carefully and compare it with the information and examples in the books

  • Identify your karmic indicators, such as your nodes, retrogrades, aspects, houses, signs, and elements

  • Analyze your karmic indicators and understand their meanings and implications for your life

  • Reflect on your past experiences and how they relate to your karmic indicators

  • Make a plan of action to work on your karmic lessons and goals

  • Implement your plan of action and monitor your progress and results

  • Seek feedback and guidance from others, such as astrologers, mentors, friends, or family

  • Keep learning and growing from your successes and failures

Martin Schulman's books are not meant to be read once and forgotten. They are meant to be used as a guide and a companion for your lifelong journey of self-improvement and soul evolution.


Karmic astrology is a fascinating and rewarding field of study that can help you to discover yourself and your purpose in this life. Martin Schulman is one of the best authors to learn from, as he has written many books on the subject that are clear, insightful, and practical. You can download his books in PDF format from various sources online, but make sure that you respect his rights and support his work. You can also use his books for personal growth by applying his teachings and techniques to your own birth chart and life situation. By doing so, you can unlock your karmic potential and create a more fulfilling and meaningful life.


What is the difference between karmic astrology and traditional astrology?

Karmic astrology is a branch of astrology that focuses on the influence of karma on our lives. Karma is the law of cause and effect that governs our actions and reactions, both in this life and in previous ones. Traditional astrology is a branch of astrology that focuses on the influence of planets, stars, and other celestial bodies on our lives. Both branches of astrology use the birth chart as a tool for interpretation, but they have different perspectives and goals.

What are the nodes of the moon?

The nodes of the moon are two points on the ecliptic (the path of the sun) where the orbit of the moon crosses it. They are also called the north node and the south node. The north node represents our soul's direction and destiny in this life, while the south node represents our soul's past and karma in previous lives. The nodes of the moon are one of the most important karmic indicators in our birth chart.

What are retrograde planets?

What are aspects?

Aspects are the angles or relationships between the planets in our birth chart. They indicate how the planets interact with each other and affect our personality and life. There are different types of aspects, such as conjunctions, oppositions, trines, squares, sextiles, and quincunxes. Each aspect has a different meaning and influence, depending on the planets involved and the sign and house they occupy.

What are houses?

Houses are the twelve sections of the birth chart that represent different areas of our life. They are numbered from 1 to 12 and start from the ascendant or rising sign, which is the point on the eastern horizon at the time of our birth. The houses show where the planets are located in our birth chart and how they affect our life. Each house has a different meaning and theme, such as self, money, communication, home, love, work, health, etc.

What are signs?

Signs are the twelve constellations of the zodiac that divide the ecliptic into twelve equal parts. They are named after the animals or symbols that represent them, such as Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc. The signs show how the planets express themselves in our birth chart and how they affect our personality and life. Each sign has a different quality and element, such as cardinal, fixed, or mutable; and fire, earth, air, or water.

What are elements?

Elements are the four basic forces of nature that correspond to the four types of signs in the zodiac. They are fire, earth, air, and water. The elements show what motivates us and how we approach life in our birth chart. Each element has a different characteristic and style, such as creative, practical, intellectual, or emotional.



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