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Chris Lacy from Albumism described the song as "a beautifully understated anthem whose lyrics call for universal improvement."[7] AllMusic editor Stephen Thomas Erlewine called it "middle-class soft."[8] Larry Flick from Billboard viewed "Heal the World" as a "oh-so-sweet call for peace and love". He added, "Although tune sounds a bit like "We Are the World", the sincerity in his vocal cuts through a somewhat overblown arrangement and choir climax."[9] Randy Clark from Cash Box said that it's "musically about as close a jab at his previous "We Are The World" as he could pull off without Quincy Jones and the superstar backing." He added that "the sing-along ballad features mostly Michael's vocals, bringing in a choir at the end for the full effect. The universal message is also the theme of his current world tour."[10] After Jackson's death, the Daily Vault's Michael R. Smith wrote, "Certainly, message songs like "Heal the World" and "Gone Too Soon" have a striking and sad resonance now that Jackson is no longer with us, so in that way his legacy is preserved and his music does live on."[11] David Browne of Entertainment Weekly praised the song, "And when his voice isn't competing with drum machines, it has rarely sounded stronger-achingly pure".[12] Rolling Stone's Alan Light was not satisfied, calling it "a Hallmark-card knockoff of 'We Are the World'."[13]

Download Michael Jackson Heal the World Live mp3



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